Dayton Academy of Dance Tuition Schedule 2021-2022

    Registration fee is $40 per family. Registration is paid at time of sign-up. Regular payment of tuition begins in September and continues through to recital, 2022.
    Sibling tuition discount is 10%. KDP Team members receive a 10% discount on tuition, as well.
    After-school pick-up is $4.00 daily and includes snacks each day.
    Tuition is paid monthly and is calculated by the amount of time your student spends in class each week.
    Registration must be paid by credit card and families must have a credit card onfile. Tuition is set to pay on the first day of the month beginning September, 2021. All families may pay tuition with credit card or bank account. Credit card fees will apply if credit cards are used.
    Tuition is calculated using the following table. Pick-up fees are seperate.

     Time in class per week    Monthly Tuition Charge            
     30 minutes         - $60 monthly            
      45 minutes        - $70 monthly            
      60 minutes        - $80 monthly            
       1.25 hours        - $85 monthly            
       1.5 hours          - $90 monthly            
        1.75 hours       - $95 monthly            
           2 hours           - $100 monthly            
          2.25 hours       - $105 monthly            
   2.5 hours         - $110 monthly      

     Tuition goes up $5 monthly for every additional 15 minutes of study up to 9.5 hours at $250 monthly. Any additional time after this point is free.