Reading the 2018-2019 Schedule

Along the top of the chart is a column to represent the days of the week. "M" is Monday, "T" is Tuesday and so forth. Because we have three classrooms at Dayton Academy of Dance, you will see there columns marked "M," three marked "T" etc. Right underneath the days column is the studio column. We have labeled our classrooms (studios) A, B and C. 

The column of the left side of the chart indicates the times that the classes run. In studio "A" on Mondays, we begin with Ballet 3 and Pointe. Studio B is home to our Kinder kids and Toddlers on Mondays and those classes are listed in the "B" column. And so it goes through the week until we get to Friday. 

Still confused? That's OK! Just call or text us at 281-787-3768 and we will take care of everything!


Schedule 2018-2019 Updated - Sheet1.jpg

Classes by ages and levels (This list can help!)

Below is a list of classes based on age appropriateness and level. This may help you.  Again, the easiest fix is a fast phone call or text to 281-787-3768. 

Age and Level Breakdown 2018-2019.jpg
Age and Level Breakdown pg 2 pic.jpg

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